Healthy Eating

At Westerhope Village Nursery we recognise the importance of a healthy lifestyle for the children we care for. Our meals are:

  • High quality and consist of food specially chosen to give a balanced and nutritious diet, whilst accommodating the likes of young children.
  • Prepared and cooked in our nursery kitchen by a fully qualified and experienced chef.
  • Home cooked’ with an emphasis on variety and non-processed foods from around the world which appeal to the children’s senses by incorporating taste, appearance and texture as part of their everyday diet.
  • Provided for breakfast, lunch, snack and afternoon tea depending upon attendance times.
  • Included in the cost of fees shown.
  • Catered for special diets based on religious, medical or ethical grounds.


We provide a range of formula milk to children under one year old, We also work together with parents and children to provide a weaning menu such as pureed vegetables and fruits.

Stop the Rot

Our nursery is a member of the Stop the Rot campaign which focuses on the importance of healthy teeth and gums. One of the ways we reinforce this is by encouraging the children to brush their teeth after lunch, a toothbrush and tooth paste is provided by the nursery.

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