Our Rooms

Our children are cared for in five separate rooms. Each child progresses through the nursery partly according to their age, but also according to their readiness to make the move. Each child has a key-worker who is their special person to carry out all their developmental record keeping. This key-worker is also your main link with the nursery, especially in the early settling-in period.

Room 1: 6 weeks – 12 months

  • Our baby room is a self-contained unit with its own kitchen, nappy changing area, sleeping area with individual babies cots, an outdoor area and play room.
  • We offer the ability to cater for individual babies needs and routines whilst ensuring a calm, intimate and homely environment where experienced and qualified baby staff can nurture the first learning experience of babies under one years.
  • Children are supported by their key person to share treasure baskets, sensory play experiences, and tummy and floor physical play amongst other activities.

Room 2: 12 – 24 months

  • This is a light and spacious environment with a large floor area to allow those babies who are more mobile and beginning to take their first steps or walking.
  • Children use specially selected chairs and tables during meal times to promote social skills and stay safe.
  • Again this unit is self-contained with its own kitchen, sleeping area, outdoor area and nappy changing room.
  • Children experience a wide range of specially selected activities to enhance their personal, social and emotional development as well as their physical skills which are vital during this age and stage of learning and development.

Room 3: 20 months – 36 months

  • Children will experience more table top activities at this age to help introduce more personal, social, and physical development.
  • Activity areas such as role play, sand, water, creative and construction are more clearly defined to allow children to make a wider range of choices and develop more independence.
  • Beds are provided for those children who would still like to sleep or a cosy area for those who need a quiet space to rest.
  • Fully trained staff support children’s communication development and skills by reinforcing language with Makaton signing.

Room 4: 30 months – 42 months

  • Gradually more routine is introduced into the children’s nursery day in this room to establish concrete personal, social and emotional skills.
  • Staff support children in small and large group time activities to promote social skills such as sharing and turn taking.
  • More table top activities are introduced and a wider range of age appropriate equipment such as creative tools for fine manipulative development.
  • As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, to further stimulate the development of the children, staff will introduce literacy, numeracy, expressive arts and design, and knowledge and understanding of the world as and when children are ready.

Room 5: 36 months – 59 months

  • Our pre-school room will cover all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. Children can experience playing and learning both indoors and outdoors simultaneously via our purpose built fully weather proofed extension which leads out onto our outdoor nature classroom.
  • Independence is fully supported by the staff in this room and children are encouraged to make their own choices and materials such as play dough and paint. Children participate in speaking Spanish each week and care for our two nursery guinea pigs Winston and George.
  • They are involved in trips to visit interesting places in and around our community such as museums and the theatre. Visitors come to nursery to further explore children’s thoughts and ideas such as the Police, Fire, Paramedics and Road Safety.
  • Each child will leave our pre-school room with a fully detailed Early Years Foundation Stage profile of their learning and development complete with visual graphs showing their progression and a detailed transition record produced for their school setting.

Other Rooms

  • We have a fully stocked library with a wide range of non-fiction and fiction books for all ages.
  • Children have access each day to a large soft play room to promote physical awareness.
  • We have a sensory room equipped with lighting tubes, fibre optic ropes, a vibrating fish bubble tube which changes colour and other age appropriate toys and equipment to help promote the all-round sensory development of all children.
  • There is also a separate dining room where the older children have their meals but this is also used as a large play area for Heuristic play for the 1-2 year olds and/or an indoor play area for all ages as and when needed.


We are fortunate to have a large outdoor space to enhance the children’s learning and development experience, including the following –

  • Sand and water play facilites
  • Mud kitchen area
  • Willow village and den building zone
  • Growing and gardening area
  • Chicken coop with our 3 nursery chickens
  • Purpose built fully weather proofed nature classroom
  • Decked and grassed areas
  • Play house
  • Den building Area