Westerhope Village Nursery is just fantastic. The staff are warm and friendly. The building is inviting, clean and spacious for the kids. The classrooms are colourful and staff are more than  accommodating to any needs. The variety of food the children are served is really encouraging for them to try different foods. My boy comes out happy and smiling every day. The children have lots outdoor play and the staff are really hands on with encouragement and praise. As a parent i am well informed about what my child has been up to on a daily basis. I would highly recommend this five star service!

Kelly, February 2021

Westerhope village nursery is an absolutely fantastic setting that caters for all needs. you are made to feel like part of the family as soon as you step through the door. Nothing is too much trouble for the lovely staff. we absolutely adore everything about this nursery. Throughout the pandemic they have been very consistent and clear with their guidelines. Always ensuring everyone’s safety at all times. We have been very impressed with their continuing, clear information and for providing us with care whilst we were both still working i tell everyone how much we love Westerhope Village Nursery, that our neighbours have signed up their 1 year old daughter. i can not say it enough brilliant nursery.


The staff here are far too kind and work collaboratively with us parents to care for the children. staff are very professional and friendly. my children are so fond of them and so am i. i would certainly recommend a million times for a well rounded learning for kids.


I can not fault this nursery at all. all the girls are amazing and i am overwhelmed with how much they do for the children. My son’s development has come a long way to an amazing degree. All the girls are so lovely, any concerns i have had in the past have been dealt with amazingly, i know for sure with any further children i may have will absolutely be attending this nursery. 100% recommended! cant thank the girls enough for caring for my son the way they have the past 3 years. Amazing Nursery.

Whitney, July 2020

Both my children attend westerhope village nursery one of them being there for nearly 3 years now. They have came on leaps and bounds since being there. Brilliant staff, excellent facilities and just an all round fantastic nursery.

Lucy, July 2020

I am so pleased with my decision to place my daughter in Westerhope Village Nursery. Her speech was my main concern, this has now improved soo much. The nursery staff are lovely and i never have any worries leaving my daughter in their care. My daughter is so confident and kind towards other children and i definitely think the nursery has contributed to this. i cant thank the staff enough!

Mother of child,

My son has developed amazingly since attending. He is 2 and started in October and missed April, May and June due to covid however he has settled straight back in.


All 3 of my children attended this nursery. Absolutely fantastic, cannot fault the nursery in any way. Keep up the good work ladies.

Charlene, November 2019

I haven’t come across anything i feel the nursery needs to improve on.

All the staff have been brilliant with both myself and my child, they are very good at communicating and made me feel at ease when leaving my child and helped my child to settle in.

Anonymous, March 2019

We asked Isla what we should write and she said to say thank you for her friends!

We have found all the staff friendly and are delighted with the progress Isla has made.

All the activities are well planned and we think the introduction of the tapestry system is brilliant.

Keep up the good work!


We are both very happy with everything you do with Henry. We think the tapestry updates are fantastic.

Parents evening was great and there was a lot of effort put into it.

When we drop Henry off at nursery staff always take time to ask how he is doing and what he has had for breakfast etc.


Samantha, February 2019

I am so pleased that i chose westerhope village nursery for my child. she has come on so well since starting here 12 month ago and i have been so pleased with the service.

The staff are all fantastic and i love that they all seem to know each child so well. They have made such an impression on Evie she even named one of her fish after one of them!

The updates on tapestry are great its so nice to see the children are enjoying themselves so much, i love seeing what Evie gets up to when i’m not around.

Keep up the good work team!!

Emma, February 2019

The staff are very involved in the children and have a genuine interest in the children’s progression and them doing well. Can’t speak highly enough

Anonymous, October 2018

Couldn’t be happier with the staff or the nursery. Violet loves being here.
I love being involved with the fund raising events that happen

Jo anne,

All staff have been great with my daughter. I enrolled her just before her 2nd birthday because she was extremely shy and wouldn’t interact with other children. She’s been going 5 months now and she’s like a different child, she’s very outgoing and learning so much too. I couldn’t recommend a better nursery.

April Hilary, February 2018

We have sent all three of our children to this Nursery. Our eldest is profoundly disabled and nothing was ever too much trouble for the staff who cared for her. Staff are so pleasant when you enter the nursery and it gives you a lovely sense that the children are very well cared for and puts us parents at ease. We viewed this Nursery on recommendation years ago and never looked back. Management is fabulous too. We highly recommend this Nursery.

Leanne Grace,

Was my daughter last day today before she starts her new nursery thank you so much for the past year she came on heaps in it thanks to u.

Sarah Garner, December 2017

My son attends here and he absolutely loves it the staff are lovely and friendly and professional. I have total piece of mind leaving my son in their care. It’s a lovely little nursery, a lovely safe environment and he absolutely loves dinner time. Can’t fault a thing,I would Definatley recommend it.

Sarah Caris

Sarah Caris, July 2017

As soon as my son started the staff were very helpful. They were willing to follow my way of doing things which made me feel more comfortable. They now know his ways and he has settled in well. They are always willing to answer any questions I have and he seems to do a lot of different things in the time he is there which I am informed about when I collect him. Every time I have rung with any queries the staff make sure my questions are answered.

Faye G, September 2016

My daughter went to this nursery from October 2015 to July 2016, she has downs syndrome and the nursery has made an amazing impact on her. Within the 4 weeks she could sit at the table and eat her lunch without throwing it on the floor, she had a superb routine and relationship with all the staff who worked with her.
I can’t thank them enough and I have recommended it to all friends and colleagues who have been looking for a placement for their children!!! My daughter has come a long way with her early years learning care and consideration by staff, management were friendly and always approachable. So top marks to them for everything.

Pam R, September 2016

My son has transitioned from room 1 to room 2 and I found that the staff really helped to make this move simple. My son always seems happy at nursery and I feel like the staff are more like a family and are very caring towards my son and care about his development and wellbeing.

Claire F, September 2016

Merry Christmas everybody! Thank you for teaching me, nurturing me, supporting me, guiding me, and looking after this year.
I hope you all have a wonderful christmas and I hope Santa brings you lots of presents lots of love from Chloe and Charlie Newton.

Chloe and Charlie Newton, December 2015

Karam absolutely loves holiday club and could not wait to come back this October half term. The staff make it so much fun for the kids and I feel they are an absolute credit to the nursery.

Anju Gill, October 2015

Thank you all very much, Sam has had a wonderful time at Westerhope village Nursery. He has had so much fun, and really enjoyed everything. I know he’s going to miss you all. Thank you very much for everything!

Karen and Ian, September 2015

To everyone at Westerhope Village Nursery, Alfie’s nursery journey started in room 1 in November 2011 and has continued right through to room 5 in September 2015. From day 1 I have felt completely at ease, happy and confident with absolutely everything about the nursery environment, and just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for making his time here so enjoyable. We’ll definitely be back for holiday club! Lots of love and very best wishes for the future

Lisa and Alfie, September 2015

Thank you for giving Charlie a fabulous nursery experience over the past 3 years. He has had a super time and I’m sure he will not forget any of you. With best regards and heartfelt thanks,

Helen and Charlie, August 2015

If you are looking for a nursery, where your child can feel welcome, happy, surrounded by friends and perfect teachers, the place which provide a fantastic education through playing, you are in the right place! Westerhope Village Nursery was our second choice. The first one, which we chose, highly disappointed us. So when Jakob starts Westerhope Village Nursery I couldn’t sleep. In Westerhope village Nursery is a parents room, where you can stay as long as you need it and every 15-20 minutes teachers are coming to tell you, how is your child and if you need it any time you can go and see your child. When I talked with other parents in the ‘parents room’, I found out, that some parents live in Jesmond and even those, they bring their kids to Westerhope Village Nursery. Jakobs teachers have printed their own photos and gave to Jakob to take home, to help him get used to them and new place! We would like to say thank you to all of the staff who are outstanding teachers, thank you that we can trust you xxx.

Marlena and Thomas, July 2015

John is very happy at nursery and enjoys lots of fun activities with people who are clearly dedicated to looking after him.
A variety of activities and experiences are on offer. Excellent communication from the staff so I know what John has
been up to. I feel safe leaving John here.

Helen Burns, July 2014

We would like to express our thanks for caring for our son over the last 4 years. We can’t believe how quickly this has come
around. You and your staff have been extremely helpful and caring throughout his attendance. We have watched Leon change
and turn into a gorgeous little boy with a great sense of humour. I am sure Leon will miss you all.

Mrs Kim Howe, July 2014

My grandson comes skipping into nursery, very excited and its a joy to see. When he told the staff that he was going fishing with
his grandad at the caravan at the weekend the girls listened attentively to him and followed his interest by helping him make
his own fishing rod. He did not stop talking about it all weekend!

George and Jean Davidson, May 2014

I find the nursery very friendly and welcoming. Staff are knowledgeable about Ava’s and other children’ needs.
Very informative. Love it and I would recommend to everyone!

Susan Stewart, April 2014

Lovely nursery, felt upset leaving my daughter as we are never apart, but Lisa and
the other staff are helping me relax, fab!

Miss Brown, October 2013